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2019 First Quarter Commentary

Global equities are off to their best start in over 20 years, serving as a reminder that fundamentals matter and market timing a thoughtful and high-quality strategy can be more dangerous than volatility itself.

Impact of Partial Federal Shutdown on U.S. Economy is Limited: CBO and Syntrinsic Agreed

Painful as the shutdown has been, the more serious issues lie in growing deficits and uncertainty about trade.

Year-End Reflection 2018

Volatility such as we have seen in the 4th quarter is no reason in itself to make wholesale changes to a well-planned investment strategy.

Market Timing Volatility: More Dangerous than Volatility Itself

What has fundamentally changed in just the last few weeks to justify this market sell-off?

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2018 Mid-Year Outlook

Gender Lens Investing 2018

2018 Capital Markets Forecast

2017 Capital Markets Forecast

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